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Volvo 243 ?

Photos of this 1987 Volvo 240 series with 1 (242) door on the driver's side (left hand drive) and 2 (244) doors on the passenger side appeared on the internet recently, according the Estonian owner of this special model this car was imported in 1996 from Sweden. So is it a 243 ?

Although there are stories that this was one of 30 cars produced for the Swedish police or that it was a mistake on the production line, I believe it is just a one-off conversion made by a garage. There are no reports of others around. It is a very practicle layout for a family with children, so they can only get in the rear from the safety of the footpath. Volvo Safety !

The new Mini Clubman has a similar 3 door-layout for improved access to rear seats.

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After repaint Original paint, same car
243_0.jpg (30450 bytes) 243.1.jpg (54112 bytes) 243_6.jpg (67499 bytes) 243_7.jpg (70043 bytes)
243 prototype
in museum
Another Special
Another Special 243 or is it a 143 ? 1999 - 2021