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2009 Retro P1800 V8 design

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Mattias Vx (a car builder at Koenigsegg supercars) has commisioned Bo Zolland of Vizualtech in Sweden to design a new retro P1800 GT car

This is a retro GT car with original looks but modern performance. We redid the whole body while trying to keep the fine lines of the Classic Volvo P1800

-- The front is 70 mm longer
-- Modern glass fit with roof integrated in rear vindow
-- New front and rear with a diffusor
-- New wings and hood
-- New rear/front lights and many other changes.

It will be built with a Volvo XC 90 V8 engine fitted with a turbo.

EST: 550-600 HP
6 sp gearbox
Modern supercar chassis with flat underside.

More info at:  (Swedish) or our new web: 1999 - 2013