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Removal of ABS Controller on a 2003 Volvo S60


ABS light on ? Most likely that your ABS controller is faulty. A new unit is very expensive, however in most cases reapir of the controller is possible at a fraction of the cost, especially if you can remove the unit yourself and deal directly with the repairer and by-pass the expensive Volvo dealer.

Antilock Brake Systems or ABS is an integral part of the safety of your car. Stopping a car on a slippery surface or in a panic situation can cause us to quickly appreciate ABS. These systems work with the aide of sensors at the wheels, computers and control modules. ABS allows us to slow and stop a car in the event the tyres lose traction with the ground no matter the surface or conditions.

The ABS pump and control module are combined in one unit, to find the unit, just follow the brake pipes, however when the ABS control module is faulty this unit can be removed and repaired without having to touch the brake lines or the hydraulics.

First you should remove the fuses for the ABS unit, they are in the main fusebox located above the ABS unit.

To gain access to the ABS controller remove the air filter box and move the intake air pipe out of the way. (Some sites suggest to remove the fusebox as well, this means disconnecting the battery in the boot - I found it can be done with the fusebox in place)

The ABS module is held on the pump by 3 torx E-5 bolts (a 4mm or a 5/32 socket will also work, however make sure the socket is squarely on to prevent rounding of the bolt). red arrows. You will need a small ratchet to reach under. On pre-2002 Volvos the ABS unit is mounted with 4 torx bolts.

Once these bolts are loosened, the module will come down off the valves. These are sealed so no fluid escapes. All the solenoids are securely held in place, so nothing is going to fall out, get lost etc.

Now the data connector has to be disconnected. There is a clip holding it on which you need to unclip. The top part will then lift up and prise the whole connector off. On my unit there is only one connector incorporating the pump power connections but older units have a special pump power plug (two wire plug). 

If you really wish you can actually drive the car without the ABS controller, but I do not recommend it, your brakes are still working only the ABS is not working but you may wish to cover valves of the ABS pump. Wrap and tape tightly with a bag or similar to keep dry and free of dirt.
Please note: The ABS controller shown here is on a 2003 model S60T5 with ABS only, no Stability control. This is an Ate Mark 25e model controller (Volvo part number 8671222 or 8671456 is same unit) and is not repaireable according this website, only pre 2002 models are repairable. (I bought my new ABS controller HERE at considerable less than the NZ price.)

Now you can send the pre-2002 ABS unit for repair to one of the specialists. Below a list.

New Zealand:



Fix your own ABS controller:
Many have successfully repaired their own ABS controller, check this Forum for details 

Jim Hekker
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