Racing 122S in France

Patrice Ryder’s Volvo 122S outside his home in Trinity Beach QLD in spring 1997 just before driving to Brisbane to leave it there on time for the container.

Patrice Ryder bought his 122S in Brisbane in 1993, then was shipped to France around 1998, layed in his garden near Avignon for a couple of years before a full restauration/renovation. Engine was blue printed by French specialist from the 60’s Gerard Lepron who raced Amazon then Webers 45DCOE were added with 4 in 1 manifold with a custom SS full exhaust. Lowered with King Springs coils, Quaife ATB differential, full urethane bushes. Bernard, another Volvo specialist from Belgium fitted vented front rotors and rear ones. Safety Devices roll cage with bucket seats from UK. Alloy wheels Superlite came from Australia along with the PWR radiator and fuel tank specially made by LRA in Melbourne. Original gearbox have been rebuilt and an overdrive was added. I have to find the time to drive more often on the hills of the French Riviera but my camper business is taking a lots of my time ….!

Email: Patrice RYDER GĂ©rant 890 Route de Grenoble Bd du Mercantour 06200 NICE – France +33658891950